The main focus here at Shining Waters Farm is raising top quality polled ADCA registered Irish Dexter Cattle.  We have slowly and meticulously built a small foundation herd that each year will produce some of the finest quality Dexter offspring in the United States.  Capitalizing on two of the most celebrated lineages in the Dexter world, John Potter's famous Spruce Grove Farm (SGF) and the peerless Belle Fourche line, we have selectively purchased only the finest animals to include in our breeding program.  Here at Shining Waters, we purposely have kept our foundation herd small in order to concentrate primarily on outstanding temperament.  All of our cattle are halter / lead trained and worked with extensively to produce gentle, people friendly animals that can just as easily be milked as led! We maintain a PHA/Chondro free all polled pool of stock continuously. For information about animals for sale, please contact us at 540-520-6322.

The Shining Waters Farm herd ...



Say hello to our friendly herd sire pictured above, a homozygous polled red beauty SWF Rusty. Born on our farm 4 years ago, Rusty exhibits the classic SGF line characteristics you would expect - large powerfully built shoulders, a razor straight back, and an exceedingly friendly disposition. His father, the very foundation of our herd a decade ago, is pictured below (SGF SAKE Roscoe). We purchased Roscoe directly from John Potter's famous Spruce Grove Farm in Michigan. Anyone familiar with Dexter cattle will understand the significance of the Spruce Grove Farm genetics program that has produced some of the finest bulls in the history of the breed. When looking for a solid foundation herd sire, SGF was a natural choice.  Bred for temperament, Roscoe was exactly like his father, who, to quote Mr. Potter, possessed the "perfect bull temperament."  SGF SAKE Roscoe was, in a couple of words, "flawlessly docile." His son, our very own SWF Rusty, possesses this same level of docility.


A daughter of the celebrated Belle Fourche Mr. Right, Poppy has stand out genetics on both sides.  A proven producer with outstanding conformation and a very gentle disposition. 

ADCA REGISTRATION - 023860 (click to see pedigree)


Also a daughter of Belle Fourche Mr. Right, Ms. Muffet is as gentle as they come. Muffet is the sort of animal you can walk right up to and begin milking.  She produced a gorgeous polled red heifer this spring that came out looking plastic!  Easy birthing and a wonderful temperament - what more could we ask for?

ADCA REGISTRATION - 023861 (click to see pedigree)


Yet a third daughter of Mr. Right, Belle Fourche Fifi is simply as docile as one can imagine. Our first cow, she has served us well, producing rich, creamy milk for our family (and she is a joy to handle!).  Fifi is a proven producer, with her second calf sold from our farm (Dexter Downs Mr. IncREDible) at the age of 11 months recently winning the title of Grand Champion at the largest county fair on the East Coast! (click here to see a photo) Fifi's third calf, born in October of 2012, turned out to be a gorgeous little  polled red heifer which we will be keeping for breeding stock.  What a producer!

ADCA REGISTRATION - 024937 (click to see pedigree)

Another acquisition from John Potter's Spruce Grove Farm in Michigan, Bambi is as gentle and loving as she is beautiful! Her conformation is excellent thus far pictured at the tender age of 12 months above and two years below. John claims you can walk up and milk both her mother and grandmother in the field, and thus far this people loving and docile disposition has shown itself in Bambi, who truly loves being around children and adults alike. She is a highly alert and intelligent animal who is quite spirited and "frisky" at times! :)  SGF SAKE Bambi is an excellent representation of the gentle, intelligent Dexter breed of cattle.

ADCA REGISTRATION - 024676 (click to see pedigree)


Born on our farm in November of 2012, this is our latest polled red heifer, Pearl of Great Price (or "Pearl" for short).  Another "plastic" looking offspring of Belle Fourche FiFi, Pearl's conformation is shaping up to be true to her genetic makeup.  She is the product of two Belle Fourche animals and exhibits the defining characteristics we expect of this classic breed.  She is alert, well formed, friendly, highly intelligent, and has a beautiful red coat - Pearl will make an excellent addition to our long term breeding stock.  She is pictured above at nearly 3 months and below at 18.  She is shaping up wonderfully!


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