In addition to our other animals, we enjoy raising and selling AMHA (American Miniature Horse Association) registered fine quality "mini" horses here at Shining Waters Farm.  Whether you are interested in pulling carts, team competition, showing an animal, or just simply enjoying the matchless companionship that a miniature horse can provide, chances are we have what you are looking for.

Standing just under 32" tall and weighing about 250 pounds, although miniature horses are relatively small, they are exceedingly strong!  Anyone who has ever watched a team of minis pulling in competition can attest to that.  Hence, they are used throughout the world to perform many useful activities.  All of our minis are halter broken / lead trained and extensively worked with to produce superior companion animals with very gentle temperaments.  In short, the miniature horses that leave Shining Waters Farm love people!   Feel free to contact us anytime to inquire about animals for sale or discuss any special needs you may have at (540) 520-6322.

We maintain a stock of mature breeding age animals at all times and each spring we generally have new foals hitting the ground.  Below is a representative sample from our stock.  You may click on any of the pictures to see a larger version open in a new window.


Our 4 year old stallion, affectionately nicknamed "Charger" ... he is a real beauty, with plenty of personality!

Happy Times Andy's Treasure (click to see pedigree)

AMHA Registry No. A 190334



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