Here at Shining Waters Farm we also specialize in raising and selling AKC registered Cairn Terriers.  We carefully control our breeding schedule to ensure small fully socialized litters with puppies that arrive at their forever homes with loving "open paws."  Advertised nationally, our furry little Cairn Terrier pups sell quickly on a first come first served basis, but we will gladly place your name on a waiting list to be called.  Please contact us anytime at (540) 520-6322 to discuss our available pups.  Below are some photos of our AMAZING Cairns!  We truly believe the Cairn Terrier is the best breed in the entire world and we are dedicated to producing some of the finest looking offspring in the United States.  Please take the time to view our friends! :)

The foundation of our current program is the peerless, inimitable, and fun loving sire SHINING WATERS MACHO MAN.  In all our years of raising animals, we haven't seen a better example of "best in breed" - he is truly a flawless and loving personification of the fearless Cairn we love so much!


The one and only AKC registered Shining Waters Macho Man




Last year we brought a new female to our home. She is a true Toto all the way from Kansas.  We did this to inject some of the famous Midwest Cairn bloodlines into our program and she has turned out to be the most beautiful petite Cairn Terrier we have ever laid eyes on.  What a delight!  We expect to have puppies from her sometime in 2021.  Say hello to Shining Waters Cindy Poo Poo Ko Panny By Baby!  Don't worry, that's just her registered name and we call her "Cindy" or "JEH" (long story!) for short :).  Below are photos telling the story of Cindy from just a pup ...


All the way from Kansas - AKC registered Shining Waters Cindy


Here she is fresh from Kansas!  The cutest puppy we've ever seen!


9-1/2 weeks - what a mix of color!


From the very beginning, a constant companion ...


Exploring outside!  Beginning to lighten up in color at this point ...


8 months - she settled into a very light colored rare red brindle, with notes of silver!


Here is Cindy nearly full grown.  Petite and unbelievably beautiful ...



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